Anti Covid

You are our priority: we take care of your serenity, your safety and your happiness!


  • Each environment is sanitized several times a day with certified products
  • Information signage on anti-contagion prevention is present in every room and on every floor next to each elevator door
  • In the hall and on each floor there are distributors for hand sanitization 
  • In the dining room, the guest tables are at a safe distance from each other
  • The buffets are protected by windows and are served exclusively by the staff
  • Free standing spacers ensure a safe distance between guests 
  • In the dining room a circulation system guarantees a continuous exchange of air 
  • The breakfast and dinner times have been modified and extended to avoid gatherings in the dining room
  • Lunchtime meals are served on the beach at our Bar Restaurant or through the supply of Picnic baskets to be consumed by the sea or in the garden 
  • Staff use prevention tools such as masks and gloves and uniforms are sterilized at high temperatures 
  • The bedroom linen is supplied by a company specialized in sanitizing fabrics
  • The Management and the entire staff are committed at all times to ensure compliance with the regulations and the safeguarding of protocols for the safety of customers