…to search a past rich of culture and secrets to discover

RIMINI… the city of entertainment


Rimini, ancient and modern, spectacular and artisan, was immortalized by Federico Fellini, one of the most important italians directors. The city is also full of ancient roman remains like the surgeon’s house.

SAN MARINO… the city of armor


at 750 mt high, there is the oldest and smallest sovereign state named san marino. on the top of the Titano Mountain you can see the profiles of the three towers: La Guaita, La Cesta e il Montale, symbol of the republic.

SANTARCANGELO… the city of artists


A doorway to the past , a special city, a pearl in the Valmarecchia “of the poets ” : this is Santarcangelo ! And it is here that the poets of the ” Circal de Giudeizi” , together with their movement’s founder , Tonino Guerra find their home. Here there is the button’s museum, the Malatesta’s fortress, mysterious tuffaceous caves, bistrò, amazing restaurants and so on..

SAN LEO… the fortified village


Nel cuore della Valmarecchia, su un colle di 600 metri, c’è San Leo, capitale storica dei Montefeltro. Oltre che per la Fortezza, la Pieve e il Duomo, San Leo è nota anche per quel misterioso e affascinante personaggio che fu il Conte “alchimista” Cagliostro, imprigionato nel Forte e lì morto nel 1795.

VERUCCHIO… the panoramic village


In the heart of Valmarecchia , on a hill of 600 meters , there is San Leo , the historical capital of Montefeltro . As well as its fortress , the Pieve, and the Duomo , San Leo is also famous for the mysterious and fascinating character who was the “alchemist” Count Cagliostro , imprisoned in the fortress and died there in 1795 .

GRADARA… the medieval city


Classic ancient village enclosed inside a long city wall where the imposing castle completes the medieval center . The fortress was completed by Malatesta between 1307 and 1325 , and subsequently renovated several times . Legend has it that in Gradara , the Malatesta household was the tragic love between Paolo and Francesca , sung by Dante, “The trembling mouth, kissed me … “